Not All Prescription Fulfillment Is Created Equal

The Limitations Of Store Front Pharmacy

Prescription Fulfillment

Wasted Time –

Getting to a bricks and mortar pharmacy for regularly required acute or maintenance medication can be time consuming, expensive, and logistically challenging for people with demanding professional obligations and busy family lives.

Costly Overhead –

Store front pharmacies are expensive to operate, located in higher cost neighbourhoods, and on average, charge significantly more for both dispensing fees and medication markups.

Customer Service Limitations – 

Long line-ups at store front pharmacies can leave Plan Members feeling rushed to get their prescriptions. On top of this, the impersonal nature of these spaces limit the opportunity to have important, and highly private, one on one conversations with a pharmacist. 

The Limitations Of Conventional Mail-Order

Prescription Fulfillment

Limited to Maintenance Medication –

Conventional mail order prescription fulfillment can take nearly a week to be delivered via post. This prevents their ability to fill short term prescriptions.

Limited Geographically –

Many mail-order pharmacies have limited delivery zones or are restricted to specific provinces.

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