To make cost savings a reality, our affiliated Central Dispensing Pharmacies can effectively fulfill the medication needs for Canadians across the country.

Convenience Without Compromise –

FREE overnight delivery, available across Canada, is the best way for Plan Members to receive the acute and maintenance medications they rely on

Lower Operational Overhead –

Without the need for traditional retail pharmacy space, our Central Dispensing Pharmacies operate in two cost effective locations in Canada. We also market directly to benefits providers and Plan Sponsors. This limits our need for expensive advertising campaigns.

Higher Dispensing Efficiency –

Utilizing robotic dispensing technology, bar-coding for accurate selection of prescribed drugs, and fiber optic medication counting, CDP's are able to fill more prescriptions cost effectively on a daily basis.

Commitment To Accuracy – 

Our central dispensing pharmacies use robotic dispensing technology with additional visual inspection and verification by licensed pharmacists to help ensure every prescription is dispensed accurately.

Reliable Customer Service –

From initial medication reviews with experienced pharmacists, transferring existing prescriptions, and arranging refill reminders, Plan Members have convenient access to the support services they need.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All –

Every organization is unique. Our ability to serve any size of plan sponsor, and accommodate various plan designs ensures a consistent level of service for all Plan Members. 

We Are Committed To Savings 


CharterRx has developed a business model that creates significant cost savings for organizations and individuals that require access to acute and maintenance medications as part of a health benefits plan.

Supporting All Carriers and Plan Design

Supporting All Carriers and Plan Design  –

Every organization is different. Our Central Dispensing Pharmacies work with all carriers and can support the various plan design parameters of a Plan Sponsor's benefit coverage.  


The ability to answer questions at point of sale with medication coverage inquiries greatly improves a Plan Member's experience.


Comprehensive Formulary – 

Our Central Dispensing Pharmacies provide the same brand and generic medications, from the same manufacturers that are available at store front pharmacy dispensaries. 


Proven Experience - 

CharterRx works with large and small Plan Sponsors across Canada. A list of organizations who can affirm their satisfaction with the service and savings include Sleep Country Canada, Toromont Industries, St. Mary’s University Students’ Association, and the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union UA67.

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